Who can become a Ambassador?

A College student looking for some pocket money, a home-maker looking to make better use of your valuable time, a full time professional looking for an additional income. We have the key to the door of your dreams.
All you need is:

  • Peoplite Profile with your photo and complete profile.
  • Qualification is not a barrier.
  • You can operate from any part of India.
  • Your only requirement is the passion to make it big.
  • How does a Ambassador work?

    The Peoplite is a free, simple way to make money and gives you an opportunity to earn over Rs.2 lakhs per annum and this for even a person with very basic qualification or no experience but with only a passion to succeed in life.

    You earn money by converting available free pages to featured pages for peoplite.
    Engagement on Social Media
    Contributing good articles on Peoplite.
    Making your peoplite profile look rich by adding albums, videos and other activities on Peoplite.

    Why should I become a Peoplite Ambassador?

    Any individual can earn more than Rs. 2 lakhs per annum and the residual income possibilities from this program are immense.

  • To achieve financial independence
  • To live your entrepreneurial dream
  • For making your own network and building contacts
  • To be associated with a big brand like Peoplite
  • To convert your Ideal time into money