How to join

Revenue share



Why Peoplite

Peoplite.com share earning with its user and it's absolutely free

It started in India, with a concept to add value to the life of people. As a step towards it Peoplite.com shares 60% of its earning with its users.

What is revenue share

The concept behind revenue share is to make youth self dependent and give them chance to earn with Peoplite.

Its free to join

Want to be a part of Peoplite, only you need get invited by someone, it's easy and free .

Getting Started

Any user can start just by making their profile in Peoplite after getting invited.

Getting paid

As soon as user reach threshold Peoplite will pay them in different ways.


Only Indian users are eligible for the revenue share program.

Reports and earnings

Every verified users can grow up with Peoplite, we track users activity to make it secure and convenient.

Peoplite offers

A bag full of offers for every occasion. Use them and increase your chances to earn more.

Surprize gifts

Peoplite always care for its users and give them surprises to make happy.